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Authentic and scientific treatment methods to conquer infertility naturally.


Ayurveda natural remedies for Skin Diseases.

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Saiprabha Ayurved is WESTERN VIDARBHA’S 1st ISO certified Multispeciality Keraliyan Panchakarma Hospital. It is located at the Heart of AKOLA city – Durga chowk to Jatharpeth Road, Mahajani plot, Tapadia nagar, Akola.

  • We offer Keraliyan Traditional Therapies in Akola at affordable charges.
  • We have Qualified and Experienced Keraliyan Therapists.
  • We are equipped with specially designed Droni / Pathi from Kerala.
  • We use Keraliyan Medicines for Panchakarma Procedures. Our First Center – Saiprabha Ayurved Clinic is situated in Vyapari Sankul, School no.15, Ratanlal Plot Chowk, Akola. For the last 13 years, it is one of the leading Ayurved clinics offering scientific treatment by maintaining the quality and purity of the medicines.
  • We have successfully treated thousands of patients suffering from Digestive disorders, Gynaecological problems, Infertility, Vatavyadhi, and related chronic as well as acute conditions.
  • We are offering advanced Panchakarma procedures & Health Packages for diseases as well as Preventive purposes.

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Dr. Nitin Dhanokar

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Ayurvedic Infertility Treatment in Akola

According to Ayurveda Infertility primarily relates to the biological disability of a woman of reproductive age to provide conception & also the state of a woman who is incompetent to carry a pregnancy to complete term. Infertility is also described as the failure to conceive after a year of constant intercourse without contraception according to modern science.

The difficulty of infertility is fairly general nowadays and it has become a need of the hour to find out a solution which is having fewer difficulties & affordable. Ayurvedic training about the importance of treatment of Infertility is completely explored in ancient literature Atharvaveda. Dr. Anjali Dhanokar provides the best Ayurvedic Infertility Treatment in Akola at Saiprabha Ayurved Panchakarma & Infertility Clinic.

Vaman karma

Vaman is a cleansing procedure for expulsion of vitiated Kapha and Pitta dosh from cells and tissue of entire body through mouth.

Virechan karma

Virechan means the elimination of vitiated dosh (Pitta) through the faces by increasing bowel movements.

Basti Karma

Medicated oil or decoction is administered through anus.

Nasya Karma

Nasya means the administration of medicines through the nostrils.


This is specialised Panchakarma treatment for Blood disorders.

Janu Vasti

A treatment in which medicated oils are poured and pooled for a fixed duration of time in a compartment or a cabin constructed around the knee joint / joints using wet flour of black gram.


Continuous pouring of Oil or Liquid or Herbal decoction or medicated Milk or Takra, on the forehead, is Shirodhara.


Pizhichil is a body massage that lasts for 60-90 minutes and involves relaxing strokes primarily aimed at reducing anxiety and stress. Before the treatment begins, the herbal oil is heated to a relaxing temperature. The entire treatment involves pouring continuous streams of lukewarm herbal oils (or ghee) over the body for a fixed duration. Simultaneously, the body is massaged to induce sweat and release toxins.

Uttar Basti

Uttar Basti is an important Panchakarma procedure for the genitourinary disorders of both, males and females. The therapy involves the administration of a specific medicinal oil, ghrita or decoction into the urinary bladder or uterus.

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