Spine Treatment in Ayurveda

Ayurveda suggests many effective methods on Spine and Neck Care Programme and Ayurveda has everything to satisfy patients related with the same. As a very ancient rishi, medicinal science Ayurveda enlarges the Spine and Neck Care Programme where hundreds of patients get to relax and peace of mind. The patients or aspirants for Spine and Neck Care Programme have to undergo 10 days to complete the treatment and of course, it would be advantageous to everyone. This treatment is very special and it keeps your spine and neck healthy and it has the power to cure many disorders related to the Spine and Neck. This program needs certain other massages and these massages are special with some features. Kativasthi, Sneha Basti, Kashaya Vasthi, Kashaya Vasthi, Pizhichil, Navara Kizhi, etc. are also included with Spine and Neck Care Programme. It’s a complete solution for enjoying a happy life.

Effective Ayurvedic Treatment Protocol on all types of Spine and Joint related issues that relieves Inflammation, Pain Management, Strengthening, and Nourishing the system. (Inclusive of Panchakarma (Specially designed Basti Treatments as per the Conditions), Therapeutic Yoga, Internal Medication, Counselling, Diet and Lifestyle Modification)